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Leo Lombardo

Wolfgang Schutzinger


Lead Guitar 
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Started playing drums in my early teens. I took up drums mainly because “I can’t sing”. I decided to teach myself because I wanted to develop my own style. I played in a few bands over the years stemming from Classic rock, pop, southern rock, jazz and country. I gave up playing for a long period of time because of family and career but now back into it. In the past, “Outlaw Country” was my favorite genre. Past influences were Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Hank Jr., Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Eagles and Alabama. I love the new country sounds of today. Miranda Lambert, Zac Brown, Kenney Chesney, and Keith Urban are a few of my favorites. However I love any country song with “Kick and Drive”.

What gets it for me is to be able to be a part of something that allows people to forget about their long work week and challenges of everyday living. Just to let their hair down, decompress a bit, burn some energy and simply have a good time.

Bass Player

When I was eight I wanted  a guitar for Christmas. I got what I wanted but what I did not want was sitting through group lessons at the local school and practicing.  I was more interested in getting my boots and hands dirty outdoors. Soon my guitar became a decoration hanging on the living room wall. It wasn't until Rock music became very popular that I started to become interested in music again. I realized practicing is important, so I did a lot of it, learning popular songs of Rock and Blues. I formed a band and organized concert in my small hometown in Austria.
My interest in American music finally brought me to the US. Here I studied Jazz, Rock ,Blues, and now Country and Folk. I played in numerous bands throughout New England and the Mid West. Over the years I recorded several albums covering a range of styles. I am very grateful having the opportunity to play bass with the EXP Band. I am hooked.

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Rob Randlett​

Lead Singer/guitar

Grew up in Wilmington Ma. Currently reside in Manchester NH. I started playing guitar at age 30. I soon realized later on in my life that I could sing. I began studying other musicians ,how the preformed , how the controled there voice and began to develop the bug!  I was inspired by Local Musicians  realizing that  I could do this music life too. I took guitar playing more seriously and started taking
lessons.  I began doing Open Mics everywhere I could ,  I joined a rock/punk band and loved it. After awhile the band parted ways. My life took a turn, and began to write, Lyrics were pooring out one after another ! I began  a solo act, traveling around just wanting to be heard. It wasnt until later I realized  Country Music was my true calling ... and started The Rob Randlett Experience Band,and slowly turned into The Exp Band
I was awarded Nh Country Music Association New Country New Country Male Vocalist and Male Entertainer Of the year 2018.